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RealMail is a service by VirtualThinking.

Letter Writing

For a start, letters aren't always about sending a message to mom.

People are writing letters to request information, request action, provide information or describe an event, decline a request, express appreciation, birthdays, anniversaries or "just because".

You write what you want to send to someone, add the address to send to, and somehow it makes its way to the other side of the planet.

RealMail makes this very, very easy -- almost magical.

Why Letters?

Why send letters when we can send e-mail that will get to the person we want to in less than half the time it takes to send a letter by post?

The thought of letter writing captures the imagination because it needs us to set aside time to compose our thoughts beyond a post or a tweet. Our ideas are crafted, forged, and moulded into coherence.

A physical letter, something you can hold in your hand, has the magic of presence in the real world that e-mails don't. Your recipient knows that your letter has made the *effort* to travel, and people appreciate that effort.

The simple power of *existence*, in the here and now, represents the power to change the world we live in.

Have we perhaps lost the pure joy of sitting and taking time to compose a letter to someone or have we just gotten pulled into efficiency mode?

Whatever the reasons, even if you send one letter a month, it's a step toward getting back into the heart and spirit of human communication.