Frequently Asked Questions

What rules do I need to follow?

Our rules are pretty simple.

We reserve the right to take any corrective action we deem necessary manage this service.

Furthermore, content with the following characteristics must *not* be uploaded:

  • Pornographic in nature
  • Harassing, abusive or offensive
  • Infringes upon copyrights not held by the uploader
  • Illegal or violates any laws
  • Forged or impersonating others
  • Linked to spam of any sort

How do I send my PDF/Letter from my iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad?

We love our Apple phones and pads, and now you can send letters from them too!

The easiest way to get your letters to us is to install the universal Acrobat Reader app. It's available in the AppStore for free.

iPhone or iPod Acrobat Reader Launch Screenshot   iPhone or iPod Acrobat Reader Viewing Screenshot

Once installed, you can request most other applications to direct your PDF to "open in" Acrobat Reader. From there it's a snap to mail it to, or you can even fill (supported) forms, add signatures, or even annotate pages before sending.

What to know more? Click here:

Acrobat Reader Getting Started

How do I create PDF files?

Creating PDF files is EASY. If you're using a Mac just follow these instructions:

Save a document as a PDF file

On a PC it's not much harder, just grab the free, and open source, PDFCreator from:

After installation (this may be a bit picky, but although PDFCreator is awesome software, we generally prefer to opt out of the installation of the PDFCreator Toolbar -- we're minimalists at heart), you will have a NEW PDF printer installed.

Just "print" your letter to the new printer and you will get a PDF version of your letter.

Why PDF files?

Anyone who has swapped files with friends, family and colleagues knows that when your recipient opens up a file, sometimes things go wrong and... you get a mess

We want to be sure, that we get the letter you want to send, exactly the way you want it to be seen, and PDF files turn out to be the best way to do that. What you see is what you get: layouts, fonts, colours -- it's all there, exactly as you intended it.

Who sends letters from the Internet?

That's a really small question with a really long answer, but let's give it a try.

In our opinion: Lots of people.

  • If you run a small business, you might need to send invoices to certain clients who need/require hard copy invoices. You could print fold and send those invoices, but you could also get us to deliver it for you right from the comfort of your e-mail program.
  • You might need to send an agreement or service sign-off that you want returned as a physical, signed, document; again using our service just makes this easy.
  • Some organisations (like our utility company and hosting company) always need a hard copy request even for online submissions, just so that they have things "on record".
  • You might want to send a lovely note to somebody who doesn't *have* e-mail (like grandma), or even if they do, you can cut through the clutter and impress them with a message they can hold and cherish (like that special person you're trying to ask out).
  • Social networks are great, but how about reaching out to friends and family for REAL?
  • Selling things on the Internet? Check that a delivery address really belongs to your customer by sending a letter with a secret on it (and use that as a test) BEFORE you send the real goods. A couple dollars up front can save you a whole bunch of problems.

Making things easier just means that things get done with less fuss, and who doesn't want that?

How do I put my signature in the letter?

Easy, the basic idea is to scan your signature (or take a photo of it) and insert it into the document you are creating your letter with (like Microsoft Word, or Apple Pages). Try this if you are using a Mac:

Pages: Working with images

Or this is you are using Microsoft Office

Insert a picture or clip art

If you want top-of-the-line, snazzy digital signatures, try this:

Are PDF files legal and legitimate?

Don't take our word for it. Adobe's Echosign service is one of the largest proponents in the world of electronic signatures. See what they have to say about it here:

Legal, Tested & Trusted (PDF)

According to their stats, they sign $900 million in contracts using electronic signatures every month!

Where do you send the letters from?

Are my letters safe/private?

Check out our Terms of Service. We do our upmost to ensure that your security and privacy is maintained within the bounds of reason.

How much do you charge?

The cost of our service depends on the number of pages you want to send and, of course, the destination. The best way to figure out how much your letter will cost is to use our Postage Calculator.

Why does your service cost more than my usual cost of postage?

To get your letters sent, there's always the basic cost of delivery using the standard postal networks, the difference in "perceived" cost represents the cost of materials we have to expend in producing your letters (paper, ink/toner, envelopes); and the cost of delivery to the mail processing centers we use to actually deliver your mail.

Once you get to working out the true cost of sending mail, you'll quickly realize it's just easier and cheaper to use us!

We do this in bulk every day, so we are a lot more efficient than - say yourself - once you factor in the same cost of materials, cost of transporting your mail to the local post box or post office, and your valuable time.

In fact, considering how far mail has to travel sometimes, we've got some of the best rates in the world when it comes to sending your letters.

How much can I send?

The current maximum is 10 PDF pages printed duplex on 5 physical sheets, with a maximum paper size of 297 x 210 mm, or 11.7 x 8.3 in (A4). We add pages and paper sizes all the time, so check back often in case we can't cater for your mailing job right now.

I need to send a lot of mail, do you give bulk rates or discounts?


Bulk rate discounts apply to customers who send mail using our premium/professional/API accounts. The rates are automatically applied as you qualify, so there's nothing for you to do -- other than making sure you have an account with us ;).

Please refer to this discount table:

Total Item Count Per Batch/JobDiscount Applied to Handling Charges
5,000-9,999-5 cents per letter in batch
10,000-14,999-10 cents per letter in batch
15000+-15 cents per letter in batch

So, for example, if you sent 10,000 letters in a single batch we would give you a $1,000 discount!

How do I make payment?

We accept payments through PayPal, which means you can settle your postage with most major credit cards and your PayPal balances.

Where can I find help to write letters?

Writing letters is easy and fun, and there are lots of resources on the Internet to help you.

One such tool is the Letter Generator from -- it even works with RealMail, just remember to specify your own email address when sending.